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200ml mixed large-sized beads | White


You can DIY 4 cute chains | Free shipping


Remember our slogan? Focus on quality!
All the beads are high-quality beads that I have compared and carefully selected in the vast market.

This is a series, they are available in pink, purple, green, blue, yellow, brown, black and white colors, and they are sold in 200ml. I can ensure that each 200ml order contains more than 60 large-sized beads. What is the size? Of course, they are all around 16mm in size.

The advantage of selling according to color scheme is that you don’t have to worry about matching colors because they are always harmonious and beautiful no matter how they are paired!
If a mobile phone chain requires 15 large-sized beads, then you can DIY make 4 mobile phone chains. Is this much more cost-effective than purchasing a single mobile phone chain? This is the benefit of DIY!

We offer 4 sets of production materials for free, such as rings and fishing lines, so you only need to purchase 200ml of mixed large-sized beads. The price of $29.9 is free shipping for most parts of the world.


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